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The Festive season is here :), we have already talked about hair care routine in my Tuesday blog (Easy Hair Care Routine )There I mentioned the importance of applying hair mask as one of the step of hair care routine but I did not specify any hair mask. I personally prefer to use DIY  more than any hair mask available in market, though I tried few from the brand like MATRIX and L’Oreal, I did not find them good enough to spend that much amount when I can get the same results from the ingredients available in my kitchen.

Hence, today I am here to share some of my favourite DIY hair masks which are absolutely worth trying.

So without further ado, let`s get started


This Hair mask is great for dull, dry and damaged hair. I have super dry and frizzy hair and this hair mask works amazingly on my hair, every time I use this mask it instantly makes my hair smooth and shiny. You can use this  once a week but I will not suggest it for oily hair because it can make your hair bit greasy.



  • Coconut Cream     —  4-5 Tbsp
  • Aloe Vera gel         —  2 tbsp
  • Lemon                    —   1 Tsp

You can use coconut cream available in the market or you can make your own fresh coconut cream at home. Mix all the ingredients together. Partition your hair and apply it all over from roots to tip of your hair. Leave it for about 30 min and wash it off with regular shampoo. Sometimes you need to wash twice to remove this hair mask.


NOTE:- I have mid length hair. Quantity mentioned is according to my hair. You can change the quantity of ingredients as per your hair length and density.

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Coconut is one product which itself has enormous skin, hair and health benefits thus there is no doubt how beneficial it can be while using it as a hair mask. Coconut is rich in protein and fatty acid, it helps to give natural moisture from roots to tips. Coconut cream also helps in making your hair frizz-free, smooth and extremely manageable.

Aloe Vera is rich in protein, mineral and Vitamins which helps to nourish your hair and makes it smooth and shiny. It also has an Antiviral and Anti-fungal properties which makes it useful to prevent dandruff, It contain proteolytic enzymes which heal and repair damaged hair cells, something to look forward to.

Adding lemon helps in treating dandruff because of the presence of lactic acid. If you don`t have dandruff or you are allergic to lemon, you can skip adding it.


This is quick and easy DIY hair mask suitable for all hair types. If you want to add shine or glow to your hair along with smoothness you should definitely try this mask once and you will notice a huge difference in the texture of your hair.



  • Shikakai / Acacia concinna powder     —  4 Tsp
  • Ritha / Soap Nut powder                        —  4 Tsp
  • Egg                                                              —  1
  • Honey                                                         —  1 Tsp
  • Coconut Oil                                                —  1 Tsp (Optional)

Mix all the ingredients together and make a smooth paste. If you find mixture a bit dry you can add milk to make it to the consistency you want. Apply all over your hair from roots to tip. Leave it for minimum 20 mins and then wash it off with regular shampoo and voila! you have nice, smooth, silky, and shiny hair.


NOTE:- If you don`t want to use egg for any specific reason you can use 3-4 tsp curd instead.

If you wish to purchase shikakai powder –Khadi Naturals Organic Shikakai Powder


Shikakai is a natural hair care product that has been used in our country for ages. It is a natural cleanser without any harmful chemical in it. Shikakai is best known for making our hair strong and healthy as it promotes hair growth and reduce hair fall. It has Vitamin A, C, D and K which are essential for healthy hair moreover it maintains Ph level of scalp thus helps in reducing dryness of scalp. It has an Anti Microbial property which makes it extremely beneficial for preventing dandruff. Including Shikakai in our hair care regime definitely, make a huge difference.

Reetha or Soap nut has similar benefits as Shikakai. We can make homemade shampoo using Reetha and Shikakai because of the soapy texture of Reetha. It is also widely used to prevent premature greying and imparts a natural black colour to our hair. It Gives a perfect shine which we generally look in our hair.

Eggs are packed with protein thus it is used to give nourishment to our hair. It is like a natural keratin treatment. Eggs make our hair shiny, nourished and smooth. Honey is added to this mask to retaining moisture and prevents it from drying.

These are the two Hair mask which I use in my hair care routine and I absolutely love them. The best part of DIY is, we use all natural product which mostly do not have any side effect and they are easily available at an affordable price.

Hope you find this blog helpful. If you have any great DIY hair mask idea, please let us know in the comment section. Thanks for reading



DISCLAIMER:- If you are allergic to any ingredients please Do not use it. The Result may vary According to hair types.