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Are you guys also struggling with frizzy, dry and damaged hair? Don`t worry most of us are on the same boat.

We all love the smooth, silky, shiny and nourished hair. Don`t we? It is a fact, We can not change our hair texture completely but we can improve it by proper hair care. We all are very much aware of the importance of hair care for our look but in this Busy life, we hardly get spare time to do all the Time-consuming DIYs and Hair SPA on a regular basis.  Thus we mostly look for easy and effective solutions for our hair problems.

If we get some easy Hair Care Hacks which are effective yet simple And can fix our hair problems what more can we expect for?

I personally tried few hair hacks on me, some worked and some didn’t but From all those hair care hacks here I bring 5 most effective Hair Hacks you should try.

So without further ado, let`s get started:)


Mix 1 tsp Of Aloe Vera Gel to your shampoo every time you wash your hair. Do not rinse shampoo immediately, leave it for at-least 2-3 mins and then rinse it off with normal water. It will give you that extra smoothness which we look for. Aloe Vera prove to be effective in controlling Frizz thus this hack will definitely help you with frizzy hair to an extent.


BENEFIT:- Aloe Vera is extremely beneficial for hair and skin. If you want to know  the benefits of Aloe Vera in detail you can check HERE. This hair hack is simple yet very effective and Less time-consuming. It is suitable for all hair type. With this hack you will get soft, smoother hair and it can also help in preventing dandruff.


Mix 1 tsp of lemon to your shampoo, Leave it for 2-3 mins and then rinse it off with normal water. This hair hack will give you clear scalp in a few days. Lemon is Acidic in nature thus I would suggest not to over do it, use this method only once a week. This hack is suitable for all hair types but if you have extremely dry hair take extra precaution by oiling your hair regularly.


BENEFITS:- Lemon has acidic nature which helps in curbing hair-fall. It has Anti-fungal properties that helps in maintaining the health of scalp along with curing dandruff. Lemon controls the production of oil on the scalp. It is extremely beneficial to treat scalp infection as well as dandruff problem.

Note:- Lemon can be drying for hair so use moisturising shampoo along with it. Some people believed lemon can cause premature greying thus to avoid this using lemon in moderation.


This hack is tried by my friend and Sister. According to them it is amazing to give that extra nourishment which dry hair people look for.

Add 1 tsp Honey along with 2 Vitamin E Capsule to your shampoo, massage it and leave for 2-3 min then rinse it off with normal water. This hair hack will provide your hair extra moisture which will help in dealing with dry hair problem making them, soft and frizz-free. It is most suitable for dry hair.


BENEFITS:-  Honey seals moisture in your hair, keeping it conditioned. It also curbing hair fall and because of its antioxidant property it reduces breakage and makes hair healthier. Honey also comprises antibacterial and antiseptic properties which help in treating dandruff. Above all honey is packed with moisturising qualities and give your hair extra nourishment.


Many of us struggle to tame those baby hairs or pesky fly-a-ways. Here is a simple hack you can try to make your baby hairs lay flat. Spray your toothbrush with hairspray or if you do not have hair spray use Aloe Vera Gel instead and brush over your hairline. This hack will tame down those Fly-A-Ways and make your hairstyle smooth.


If you do not want to use any curling iron or rollers on your hair to curl them. Here is a hack for you, simply braid your hair tightly and leave it overnight. If you want soft curls you can make one braid or if you want deep curls, make two tight pigtails braids remember to curl the ends as well and secure them with a bobby pin.

Next morning you will have those amazing looking curls without any heat. Try this hack you will love it trust me 🙂

That is all I wanted to share with you guys. These were my most favourite and go to hair hacks. I hope you find it useful. Let me know your favourite hair hacks in the comment section I would love to try them.

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DISCLAIMER:- My hair type is dry and frizzy. All hacks suggested are based on my personal experience. If you are allergic to any ingredient please avoid using it.