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From the day my daughter was born, up until now, (she is going to be 3 years old) I am constantly being judged as a mother for her low weight and shy nature.

“Don’t you give her healthy food?”

“Did you breastfeed her properly?”

“Was your milk sufficient?”

“Does she eat junk more?”

“Why is she not social?”

Questions like these come to me every now and then.

People start bombarding unwanted advises, irrespective of the fact that her metabolism or genes can be like this, even though she is eating way more than any other child who is chubby.

It can be her choice not to mingle with everyone because she is an individual too. She can have her own choices. I agree some people do not have any intention to offend by giving advises. But my question is, why can people not accept a child the way he or she is?

Why do we want a child to be a chubby, fair and happy-go-lucky every time?

People now should understand that every child and every parent is different so as their parenting style.

It is not only about me, but it is also about every mother who is being judged for every small thing, be it a physical aspect of her baby or the nature of her child.

No matter how hard a mother tries to make her child fit into this “so-called society’s standard” people will find a way to criticise her.

If she is strict according to society, she doesn’t love her child.

If she is lenient, she is careless.

If she is working, She i selfish.

If her child misbehaves, there is a fault in her upbringing and many more.

But now I am tired and fed up of having to give explanations behind my daughter’s low weight and shy nature.

However she is, she is beautiful, lovable and dearest to me. I do not want to pretend anymore that your words don’t hurt me. Whenever you pick my child and laugh with saying “Iska to weight hi Nahi hai” it hurts me to the core.

Thus, today, I would like to request everybody, please stop judging a mother for the sake of just commenting. We are no one to judge anyone`s parenting style and upbringing . You do not know how much effort a mother puts in every day to raise her child to live up to everyone’s expectations.

A mother might pretend she doesn’t care, but she does, trust me. She might be crying the entire night just because of your random statement.

Anytime when you judge a mother, you demoralise her and put a question of self doubt in her mind.

Instead of judging, support her, praise her child. If you can not say anything good, don’t say anything at all. It is high time we think beyond complexion, physical appearance and gender.

It is our responsibility, as women, to help each other in bringing up a more confident and open-minded next generation.

For a better tomorrow, we have to start from today.


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Sana 🙂