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How are you all doing? The Weekend is over and its time to get into work again 🙂

I would like to share with you guys that I am taking part in a blogging contest by LOOK ADORA. LOOK ADORA is an online shopping site for makeup, skincare and jewellery, In short, you can get everything on their site to create a perfect look for any occasion.


One thing which I find most interesting on their site is their find your look section. Actually, you can fill all your details about your skin, hair, occasion and you will get bountiful options to create that perfect look, isn’t it great?


Check out their site:- Look Adora.Do check them guys they have amazing collection.

Now Let`s come to today’s topic “Know My Most Comfortable Look”

If you see my pictures on my Instagram- Lifeathome712 or Facebook page –Life At Home. You can figure out that I am not a makeup person but for certain occasion, I do like to use some makeup. For my day to day look I only use Good Moisturising cream with SPF ( Biotique Bio Carrot SPF 40 is my current favourite) along with lip balm( Maybelline Baby Lips) or lipstick and I am good to go.

Thus I would Like to share my Most Comfortable Look for an occasion or an event or small party. As I mentioned I am not much of a makeup person thus My Makeup look comprises minimal makeup product. Let`s see what I use to create my most comfortable look.



I start with moisturising my face for that, I use BIOTIQUE BIO CARROT SPF 40 Face Lotion. It is one of my favourite moisturising cream as I have dry skin and it makes my skin super soft with required sun protection.


For my lips I use MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS LIP BALM or NIVEA LIP BALM ( If I am going to use Lipstick). I love Both of them They make your lips soft, moisturised and last pretty long You can check my Maybelline Lip balm review HERE.


I Mostly skip the step of using foundation and use concealer instead. My all-time favourite is LOREAL TRUE MATCH CONCEALER in the shade Beige Rose. I love how efficiently it covers all the pigments, gives you perfect finish and even skin tone.


It is very important to set your make up with compact or loose powder. I prefer Compact over Loose powder. Even If I do not use foundation or concealer I use compact to have a smooth finish. I use MAYBELLINE CLEAR GLOW With SPF 32.  This is one of the best compacts I have ever used. It gives you perfect finish with light coverage.


To be honest I am very bad when it comes to eye makeup. It took me years to learn how to apply an eyeliner 😀 and even now I sometimes struggle to make it perfect but somehow I manage :D.

I believe Eyeliner/kajal is one makeup product which can make or break your look. I prefer Eye Liner over kajal because I think It does not compliments me well. I Use MAYBELLINE THE COLOSSAL LINER for my eyes. It is a pen liner and I love this as I found it easy to use especially for a beginner.


MASCARA is my most favourite makeup product after lipsticks. It can completely change your look in seconds. You do not need to apply anything else on your eyes just use mascara and you are good to go.

My all-time favourite is RIMMEL LONDON SUPER CURLER MASCARA. I really like its wand and the curl it gives. It is my go-to makeup product.


Mostly I do not use blush but I like to use it for events for the fact that it gives an illusion of healthy pink skin tone which I love the most. I use NYX One in the shade HDB05. I love this shade it is appropriate for medium to fairer skin tone.


Last but not the least I complete my look with Lipstick. I am not a huge fan of makeup but definitely, I am a lipstick person. I love lipsticks thus I have a quite a good collection of it. You can not go wrong with lipstick even if you do not apply a single makeup product just apply mascara and lipstick and you can see the difference.

 When It comes to lipstick I have many favourites but My two most favourite are

  • REVLON ultra HD matte lip colour 
  • BOURJOIS Rough Edition Velvet

Their textures are amazing and they are super long-lasting. Try these lipsticks you will not regret buying it.


Thus My Most Comfortable look Comprises Indian Wear with light makeup along with beautiful earrings and a bracelet, and it is not done until you wear a smile. No look can be completed without a smile.


So be happy and look good always 🙂 share with us what is your most comfortable look in the comment section.

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Sana 🙂